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Crossover or sport utility vehicle? Electric or driverless? These are some of the questions
new car buyers will have to consider in the not so distant future. Stricter emissions
guidelines are forcing companies to invest in hybrid and electric vehicles and other
options for passengers and freight. Public transportation, car sharing, and ride-hailing
companies are also on the rise. A recent PwC report, has coined the phrase “EASCY” to describe
five main trends expected to shape the auto industry through 2030. They are:

Electrified I Autonomous I Shared I Connected I Yearly updated

On the manufacturing side of things, automakers are working to reduce weight and costs while
shortening production times. Two factors—the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence
(AI) —are producing technology-driven disruptions that include powertrains and advanced driver
assistance systems, smart interiors, and vehicles that are becoming increasingly connected.
Car manufacturers, mobility service providers, and autonomous technology companies are
teaming up to be the first to market with their concept of autonomous shared transportation.

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